PASS Interns 2019-2020


I like to go to Kings Island Soak City every summer. I was working at UC CEES since my Junior year in High School. My favorite food is pizza. I would like to cook food at PASS Cafe this year. 


 I like to eat chicken tenders and cheese pizza. I also like chicken sandwiches, mac n cheese, popcorn chicken, and skyline chili. I like landscaping and basketball. I am looking forward to serving the staff.


I like animals and going to my cousin's farm. I help in my church nursery passing out snacks. My favorite foods are macaroni cheese pizza, potato salad, and tossed salad. I am excited to make food and deliver it to the staff.           


 I love to write stories, play basketball, go to church, listen to audio books, and a bunch of other stuff.  I also enjoy quoting books and movies that I like. I wear my heart on my sleeve. All I want to say to everyone in the school is "GO BLUE!" I am happy to continue to work with my new friends and make your taste buds water in PASS Cafe. 


 I like to leave home and go with my grandma to church. I help lift heavy things, sweep, mop wet floors. I want to work in a place where they make shoes, shirts, coats, and pants. I want to work in a store where I can help out. My favorite food is turkey, mashed potatoes, and dressing. I am looking forward to my second year serving the staff in PASS Cafe. 


My favorite foods popcorn chicken, turkey, and ribs. I like to play with my little cousins and babysit. I also like to play video games. I work at BJ's as a busboy. I am looking forward to cooking and helping customers for PASS Cafe. 


 I am nice and love to smile and laugh. I like to color, paint, and listen to music. My favorite jobs so far are sorting, organizing folders, and shredding; but I am also learning new skills. My favorite foods are turkey, peanut butter crackers, and fruit. In PASS Cafe I'm looking forward to delivering food to teachers and helping make the food. 


My name is Fiona. I like to play XBox. I like to eat Chipotle. I like PASS Cafe because I can eat Mexican food. 


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